406MHz ELT


406MHz ELT

 Providence IC - Aviation 406 MHz ELT ​and Annual Testing

 If you have a 406 MHz ELT, we can test ​what’s normally not tested - the 406 MHz ELT signal 

Unlike the soon-to-be-obsolete 121.5 MHz ELTs, unfortunately, you cannot test the 406 MHz ELTs at the top of the hour without illegally activating the Search and Rescue system and without OEM instructions​.

 If you have a 406 MHz ELT,​ the major benefit of testing the 406 MHz ELT is that you are checking the integrity of the entire system, including all connections, from the cockpit switch, to the beacon, to the antenna, through-the-satellite​. No need to worry about purchasing an expensive 406 MHz beacon/antenna tester; we have everything you need to test your beacons.

 We’ll also assist in making sure your ELT is registration is up to date too.

 406 MHz ELT Annual Testing Cost: $130

 406 MHz ELT Install/Upgrade

 We can install/upgrade your 406 MHz ELT for added location accuracy with/without GPS aid. 

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